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Mapping Software

Farseek Map Studio is a new generation of cartographic tools designed to capture information directly on an electronic chart.

Farseek is an effective substitute for traditional paper maps. It allows the creation of theme charts much faster than with manual methods.

The professional approach of Farseek will help improve your organization’s response time. Hundreds of hours have already been carried out with our system, and the technology has become an essential tool in our country. We believe that if Farseek has performed this well for the Canadian authorities, it will be easy to build into the systems of future clients.

See our new online demonstrations!

To understand all the features of Farseek, we have created online demonstrations. Those demonstrations can also serve as tutorials to get you going with the software.

Farseek Online Demonstration

How can we use Farseek?

Create Ice Chart using the international symbols from WMO's (World Meteorological Organization) "Sea Ice Nomenclature", get more information about ICEggs

Manage oil spill intervention, get more information about SpillView

Ask Cogéni to adapt the software to your organization needs, send us an email info@cogeni.com